Chili is one of my go-to meals that’s easy, dairy, egg and nut free, and is usually a crowd pleaser. I am always a fan of the Cafe Latte’s chicken chili but lately I have been making this Martha Stewart recipe and it’s soooo good – I never follow the recipe exactly I tend to just use what I have at home and it always works out!

We skip the cheese on top but sometimes use Tofutti sour cream. Then we heat up a loaf of french bread or use tortilla for dipping.




Doctor Visit + Re-test

Today we went to a new pediatric allergy specialist. We had a specialist that we saw previously but our last experience with him was quite disappointing, we had so many questions and just felt maybe it was time for a second opinion.

We went into the appointment thinking that we would just talk to the doctor and would see how we felt about our experience with her. She suggested that we re-test Bo right then and there, as his last blood test was done at 6 months old. As all of you parents know who have to hold their kid down while they draw blood – it’s terrible. It was maybe better that I went into the appointment now knowing that we were going to do this because I think I would have worked myself into a tizzy beforehand. They got only one tube of blood and were hoping for two but they are going to do their best to get all of the tests done without having to re-draw. We will now wait for the doctor to call us with the results and will go from there. I am trying not to get my hopes up but I am really hoping that through this blood test and possibly a skin test we can possibly give Bo egg baked into things. I just have a strong suspicion that he doesn’t have a strong egg allergy as we have never actually seen an egg reaction from him, as far as we know. We were happy with this doctor and how the appointment went and will look forward to our next appointment when we talk about his results and next steps. In the meantime Bo will also need to keep up with his daily nebulizer treatments because of a few incidents this past month when he has struggled with his breathing. We’re hoping that it’s just the time of year or just a few isolated incidents but we will also re-visit managing his breathing and lung function when we visit the doctor in a couple of weeks.

This allergy appointment came at a good time for us because Bo had a reaction to something this weekend and we have no idea what it was and had questions for the allergist. Bo was in a ‘food free’ nursery at church. He has done fine at this specific nursery for the past 5 or 6 weeks but this time when we came to pick him up they said he just couldn’t stop sneezing. We immediately gave him benadryl but bendaryl didn’t seem to take care of the symptoms this time. We asked the allergist for her thoughts on what it could have been and she mentioned strong perfume or scent on caretakers, pet dander on care takers or kids, food residue on the kids or toys…so basically we have no idea… just add it to the list of reactions that leave us confused and frustrated.

I’m really looking forward to Bo’s blood test results and will update the blog with what our ‘next steps’ will be with this allergist. And of course throughout all of this Bo has remained in the best of spirits! It’s me whose whining and loosing my mind 🙂

This is the tough guy after his appointment. We went to “Jumbo Juice” as Bo calls it.

dairy + egg free chicken noodle soup

Believe it or not this was the first time that I have ever made chicken noodle soup. My friend had recently made this recipe and loved it so I decided to use it but instead of making homemade noodles (which looked so gooey and yummy) I threw in some store-bought noodles that didn’t contain egg. I have to say I was really impressed it was really delicious. The only thing I would change is that I would put the noodles maybe a half hour before I planned to serve the soup – I had them in there for 2 – 3 hours before we ate and they were a little mushy but the flavor was still awesome!

I used these noodles from Trader Joes.

Reaction Photos

Wanted to share a few photos of kids having reactions to milk and nuts. I share these because this is similar to what Bo’s reactions have looked like when he has touched dairy. I definitely have not been quick enough to take pictures of Bo’s reactions but I might make it a point to now. I think these pictures would be helpful to show babysitters or care takers and teachers so that people know what to look for.

These photos are from a page I follow on Facebook called One Spot Allergy. I highly recommend if you have a food allergic child.

Have your kids reactions looked very different from this? How does your child react?


We discovered these dairy, egg and nut free Doritos last week and I am embarrased to say how many bags we have eaten! It’s just so exciting but it’s about time we put them back in the “special treat’ category. I think there is also a Salsa Verde Dorito in a green bag that is dairy, egg and nut free! It’s little finds like this that make my week.