Thanksgiving Treats

We had a few different family gatherings this past week and we were in charge of bringing desserts because they really tend to be one of the harder things to re-create or buy dairy, egg and nut free. I made all of the following… and we ate all of these over the last four days. The links to the recipes are below each photo.

We had a really great Thanksgiving! Both of our families were so amazing and so accommodating – they made all of the food dairy, egg and nut free so that Bo could be a part of the celebrations. We are so thankful for such understanding and loving families!

Dairy, egg and nut free brownies.

Cowboy cookies.

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies.

Apple Crisp. I used this Martha Stewart Recipe and just used Earth Balance butter in place of regular butter.


2 responses

  1. Hi Abby! Thank you for the link. So glad you enjoyed the Dairy, Egg, Soy and Peanut/Tree Nut Free Brownies…they are a hit at our house! I always have a few stashed away in the freezer for those times when one needs a bit of chocolate! Susan H. @ the food allergy chronicles

    • Hi Susan! Thank you so much for your comment and for sharing you wonderful blog and recipes. I have so many more of yours bookmarked that I want to try. I really appreciate the hard work you put into your blog and sharing your information and recipes with others who are in a similar situation. THANK YOU!

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