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I have been meaning to write a post and update the blog with what we have been dealing with lately but honestly it’s been changing almost week to week that I didn’t really know where to start. Things are much more under control now so I thought I would post about our last 8 months and what has worked and what hasn’t worked in trying to help keep Nash’s eczema. Nash has has bad cradle cap, flaky skin, rashes and weeping sores since he was only a few weeks old. It took months to finally get his skin to finally calm down and we are now on a great regimen of taking one bath a day, sometimes with vinegar, then putting on one layer of a topical steroid oil, using a bit of a steroid cream on the worst areas and then doing a layer of lotion on top. Right now his hands and chin are the worst. His hands because I don’t put the steroids on them for fear he will put them in his mouth and his chin because it’s constantly wet. We have him on a dairy free diet because from all of our testing, trial and errors we believe that casein or dairy are aggravating his eczema but that has not been confirmed. We still have lots to learn but I love reading stories of what worked for others dealing with eczema so I wanted to share what is currently working for us. Although we have tried lots of different lotions, steroids, diet and formula changes etc… I am always open to other ideas of things that have worked for other people – so please share!

A list of what we have tried:

– Neocate formula – didn’t notice his skin was better and he really fought drinking this formula.

– Nutramigen – Took this formula well but it didn’t seem to clear up his skin at all.

– Soy formula – This is what we have just recently switched Nash to. He has only been on it for about two weeks so now we will start to decrease the topical steroid applications to see if the soy formula is helping.

– Wet wraps – when Nash’s skin was infected and really bad we ould wet wrap him at night and that did really help.

– Creams that we have tried: No more Xema, Cetaphil, Vanicream, Aquaphor, Cerave, Coconut Oil, Olive oil

– Medications we have tried – Dermasmooth & Westcort. Both of these steroids help and Nash’s skin still flares up even if we forget to put his derma smooth on for one day. We would love if we didn’t have to rely so heavily on a topical steroid but right now that is all that is keeping it under control.

– Allergy testing – we have tested Nash (only a skin test) for the top 8 allergens and he didn’t seem to react to any of them…which is great….but given that his brother is so highly allergic to a few foods we still wonder if it isn’t some food that is triggering his eczema.

Here are a bunch of pictures of what Nash’s skin has looked like over the last 8 months.


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  1. Such a nightmare. You’ve devoted so much to really get to the bottom of it, and to your son’s best health. What a wonderful mama you are. Your little man is so incredibly loved and lovable.

    • thank you, nell! we really have put so much into making him feel better and it’s frustrating. you know all about that! thank you for your support!

  2. Looking at your little one gives me flashbacks to what mine looked like not too long ago. He wore socks on his hands for almost his whole first year of life and had fuzzy sheets so he didn’t rub his skin on his face off while he slept. It was bad. He ended up having a strong allergy to dairy, egg and all nuts which was identified through a blood test. Once I knew his allergies he cleared up a little but then he was prescribed what I consider the magic lotion. The magic lotion is called “desonide lotion” it also comes in an ointment form. It was prescribed to him by a pediatric dermatologist right around his first birthday. THREE DAYS LATER we took our first bath without socks on…it was amazing. He still get itchy spots but no where as bad as he used to be. Good Luck!

  3. I totally understand what you are going through. My baby has had eczema since he was 2 months old. It took over a year to get allergy testing done, and now his skin clears up .. for the most part. He has SEVERE food, environmental, and medication allergies. I think the last time we counted there were 34 allergens? Most of those being food.

  4. Hello I realize this forum is older but I have never seen a baby look like our son Hudson….Nash does!!!! Hudson’s skin used to be exactly the same. Hudson has lots of food allergies, reacted to every formula except an organic, brown rice soy formula, vomits most proteins and reacted to my almost totally allergy free breast milk. His skin has reacted to every lotion except Vaseline. He looked like a burn victim after any type of lotion. Wow…

    • Hi Kristina! Thank you for your message. The good news is. Nash is now one year old and he still has some eczema that we use a steroid on a few times a week and as needed but it is not food allergies and the eczema is soooo much better than when he was an infant. Hopefully it only continues to get better. What have you guys found works for you? We bathe Nash in vinegar a few times a week, keep his steroid on him and also cover him in cerave lotion as often as possible.

  5. I’m so happy to hear that Nash is doing so much better! That’s very encouraging for all of us out here dealing with eczema on our poor babies 😦 . After finding our dogs a new home (sad!), our son’s eczema basically disappeared! He still had a little bit on his body and we later found out he has allergies to egg, peanut, tree nut and wheat. We had 1 dermatologist laugh at us when we asked if it maybe was being caused by a pet allergy and 1 pediatrician also tell us there was no way it was caused by our dogs…so infuriating! Luckily, we found and amazing pediatrician who helped us get to the bottom of everything. I hope other parents can be as lucky as us to find what is causing their baby’s eczema!

    • Emilie! Thank you for your comment. I am so happy to hear you guys have found what works for you. Sounds like you have been an awesome advocate for your son.

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