Nut-free Granola

This is my latest obsession. I have never made Granola before but thought I would give it a shot after having a hard time finding a really good nut-free option. I added sunflower seeds to mine and put in about twice as much coconut. I just made my third batch. It’s sooooooo good! I’ve been eating it just with some rice milk in it, by the handful and in coconut yogurt – all delicious.

Recipe for Nut-free Granola.


dairy-free and egg-free monkey bread

I made an awesome dairy-free, egg-free and nut-free monkey bread today – thanks to a great blog that I follow, Amandairy Free. The hardest part was tracking down the rolls of biscuits that did not contain dairy. I ended up finding biscuits at Cub Foods – they were the Cub brand biscuit (Pillsbury biscuits all have dairy in them). I followed this recipe on Amandairy Free blog but I changed up two things…I left off the nuts because Bo is allergic and left off raisins because that just didn’t sounds great to me and I added a couple of scoops of dairy-free vanilla ice cream (learned that one from my mom)! I hope you try this and enjoy it as much as we did!

Dairy Free and Egg Free Pancakes

We have made pancakes before and have always used Bisquik just with more oil and milk to try to make up for the egg but this past weekend I wanted to see if we could get a better consistency and pancake if we made our own batter from scratch. It was so easy. Can’t believe it took me this long to try this. I found this recipe and it was great – we’ll definitely be making them again!

Banana Muffins

This was our breakfast this morning – dairy free, egg free and nut free banana muffins and a coconut yogurt and flaxseed milkshake. Yum! Smoothies are something we have often but I am always looking for new muffins or easy breakfasts to make because that’s an area where I feel like we don’t have a whole lot of variety. These banana muffins were a hit and were some of the best that I have made without eggs. Click here for the recipe.

Yogurt and Granola

Bo has never been much of a breakfast eater. He wakes up, has a cup of milk, and then I can’t get him to eat much until about 10am. But as of late he has been waking up saying he’s hungry and he often will eat breakfast right away. Maybe it’s because he has a new favorite — yogurt & granola! This So delicious coconut yogurt is pretty good some of the best dairy free yogurt on the market. The granola is pretty good too and it’s awesome that it’s dairy, egg and NUT free.


Dairy, Egg + Nut Free Bread

We have a problem. I had never made homemade bread until last Thursday and since I have made 6 loaves. We’re addicted. It’s the most delicious thing and such a perfect compliment to meals on the cold, dark nights. The other piece I am loving about making homemade bread is being able to slice it to any size as I think Bo prefers sandwiches with very thin slices of bread. I followed this recipe . The bread is delicious and the ingredients are simple. I wanted to try another bread yesterday to compare and see if I could find another recipe that I liked more but it isn’t even worth sharing – it wasn’t nearly as good. Stick with this one!

I really want to try other kinds of bread, too, so if you know of a good recipe that is egg and dairy free please post in the comments below or email me at

dairy free muffins

A few months ago we spotted these dairy free muffins in the bakery area of our local Byerly’s. They have a chocolate chip and blueberry that Bo seems to like. Always a nice treat to find new treats that are safe for Bo. He’s a picky breakfast eater, too, so these come in handy some mornings!