Blueberry Muffins – Egg Yolks

We were thrilled that we could attempt to introduce egg yolks into Bo’s diet and so we quickly but cautiously followed the doctors directions and made 12 muffins and only used 1/2 of an egg yolk. I used this blueberry muffin recipe, used 1/2 of an egg yolk and then flax-seed as an additional egg replacement since the recipe calls for 2 eggs. I will definitely be using this recipe again because these muffins were amazing.

The best news…Bo had about a half of a muffin and had no visible reaction! We will try to get him to eat a few more muffins from this batch to confirm that he handles it o.k.. and if he does I will make another batch of muffins but this time will include a whole egg yolk.

Feeling very hopeful about this all! It was an exciting Saturday for us!