Dairy, Egg + Nut Free Bread

We have a problem. I had never made homemade bread until last Thursday and since I have made 6 loaves. We’re addicted. It’s the most delicious thing and such a perfect compliment to meals on the cold, dark nights. The other piece I am loving about making homemade bread is being able to slice it to any size as I think Bo prefers sandwiches with very thin slices of bread. I followed this recipe . The bread is delicious and the ingredients are simple. I wanted to try another bread yesterday to compare and see if I could find another recipe that I liked more but it isn’t even worth sharing – it wasn’t nearly as good. Stick with this one!

I really want to try other kinds of bread, too, so if you know of a good recipe that is egg and dairy free please post in the comments below or email me at abby.anderson07@gmail.com.