We have gone back and forth with introducing eggs baked into things for Bo – our 3 year old. It has been about a year and finally we are baking up to 2 eggs into one dozen of anything. It’s so amazing. Our muffins, pancakes and breads are fluffy and most importantly it’s one less food to really worry about. We still won’t give him just a plain egg yet but I also feel like it would not be dangerous for him to be around eggs. That is huge for us! Now I just need to keep baking more and getting more baked eggs into his diet so that hopefully he continues to build up a tolerance and maybe even soon we could try a plain egg!




A couple of weeks ago when we were at ECFE one of the teachers mentioned that they gave the kids goldfish for snack but that they didn’t give any to Bo. She said this to me pretty nonchalantly and it was at the end of class as we were trying to gather the kids, coats, all their stuff and head out the door so I was rather distracted and it didn’t fully sink in – the fact that she just said that other kids were given goldfish at snack time. Then I left with Bo, walked down the hallway and noticed he was rubbing his eyes and one of them was bloodshot. By the time we made it across the parking lot and into the car he was sneezing and rubbing his eyes….that’s when the one teachers comment finally sunk in – Bo was at the same table as other kids who were eating goldfish (all goldfish contain dairy) and he must be reacting to that. Luckily I was able to react right away, gave him Benadryl, took him home and gave him a bath and the reaction calmed down. I was frustrated and disappointed because we had so many successful weeks of being at ECFE and being reaction free and I just felt totally bummed that this happened. I was conflicted about what to do because honestly it just sounded so overwhelming to have to call the teacher, ask her about the goldfish and explain to her again that Bo is so allergic to dairy that he can’t even touch it. After discussing with my husband I knew it was best to call the lead teacher to discuss with her, plus, I wanted to do another session of ECFE and was hoping to take class with the same teachers because I had felt so good about how they had handled his allergies. When I called and spoke with her she did say that she was giving other kids goldfish and she was soooo sorry because she didn’t realize that Bo couldn’t even touch/be around dairy she just thought he was safe as long as he didn’t ingest it. I am not trying to blame the teacher at all and I know she feels absolutely horrible but this was a good reminder for me that I need to be really clear about Bo’s allergies, his sensitivity to even touching those foods, and that I maybe need to talk about it or bring it up multiple times so that his caregivers do not forget. I know I explained to the staff that he was allergic, even to the touch, but I also know that those teachers have so many kids with so many different needs and that it’s a lot to remember each kids specific situation/need.

I spoke with this teacher again at our class today and asked her for advice/suggestions on things I could do when I am leaving Bo in the care of others outside of our house – the other big concern I have right now is leaving him in the sunday school at church. I asked if it would be helpful if I put a sticker on him every time that listed his allergies, my thought on this was that if an adult saw that he was sneezing and rubbing his eyes and then noticed his sticker maybe it would trigger them to call me or it would just be a reminder for them that this is the little boy with the severe allergies, his teacher thought this would be a good idea, and she also said to me “don’t be afraid to scare the hell out of the teacher!” I was sort of relieved to hear this coming from a Teacher. I never want to offend or bombard someone by telling them so much information but I am realizing more and more how much I need to constantly remind people and talk about Bo’s specific needs. She also suggested always leaving a written action plan. This prompted me to look online for other action plans mom’s have created for their kids and the ones I was finding were almost too detailed and too much information for someone to sort through at a time of panic or in an emergency . I just wanted something basic that was very clear and easy to follow. I think I found just the answer and I am feeling so good about having this product to leave for those who are caring for Bo. Medpax – what a great idea! This product is a container that will hold all of BO’s medications that we keep with us at all times (Epi-pen, Benadryl & Inhaler) and also has a very simple and clear action plan along with Bo’s picture on the front of the case.

If you have a food allergic kid and have a different ‘action plan’ that you leave with caregivers – what do you use? I would love to hear how other people handle this. Has anyone used a Medipax. I’ll have to write again after we’ve used it for a bit and will let you know what we think.

Doctor Visit + Re-test

Today we went to a new pediatric allergy specialist. We had a specialist that we saw previously but our last experience with him was quite disappointing, we had so many questions and just felt maybe it was time for a second opinion.

We went into the appointment thinking that we would just talk to the doctor and would see how we felt about our experience with her. She suggested that we re-test Bo right then and there, as his last blood test was done at 6 months old. As all of you parents know who have to hold their kid down while they draw blood – it’s terrible. It was maybe better that I went into the appointment now knowing that we were going to do this because I think I would have worked myself into a tizzy beforehand. They got only one tube of blood and were hoping for two but they are going to do their best to get all of the tests done without having to re-draw. We will now wait for the doctor to call us with the results and will go from there. I am trying not to get my hopes up but I am really hoping that through this blood test and possibly a skin test we can possibly give Bo egg baked into things. I just have a strong suspicion that he doesn’t have a strong egg allergy as we have never actually seen an egg reaction from him, as far as we know. We were happy with this doctor and how the appointment went and will look forward to our next appointment when we talk about his results and next steps. In the meantime Bo will also need to keep up with his daily nebulizer treatments because of a few incidents this past month when he has struggled with his breathing. We’re hoping that it’s just the time of year or just a few isolated incidents but we will also re-visit managing his breathing and lung function when we visit the doctor in a couple of weeks.

This allergy appointment came at a good time for us because Bo had a reaction to something this weekend and we have no idea what it was and had questions for the allergist. Bo was in a ‘food free’ nursery at church. He has done fine at this specific nursery for the past 5 or 6 weeks but this time when we came to pick him up they said he just couldn’t stop sneezing. We immediately gave him benadryl but bendaryl didn’t seem to take care of the symptoms this time. We asked the allergist for her thoughts on what it could have been and she mentioned strong perfume or scent on caretakers, pet dander on care takers or kids, food residue on the kids or toys…so basically we have no idea… just add it to the list of reactions that leave us confused and frustrated.

I’m really looking forward to Bo’s blood test results and will update the blog with what our ‘next steps’ will be with this allergist. And of course throughout all of this Bo has remained in the best of spirits! It’s me whose whining and loosing my mind 🙂

This is the tough guy after his appointment. We went to “Jumbo Juice” as Bo calls it.

ECFE and Snack Time

Here’s the latest issue I am feeling nervous about. I have us signed up for a weekly ECFE class this fall. I am super excited for it but also extremely nervous like to the point where I wonder on a daily basis if I should just call and cancel. I know canceling isn’t what I should do. I can’t keep avoiding these situations. Here’s the deal. There is SNACK TIME involved. Each week one of the families in the class will bring the snack. I have emailed the head of our ECFE and told her about Bo’s food allergies and how he can’t even TOUCH dairy, egg or nut and that means he can’t be around kids that are eating those foods. She sent me a very kind response and asked me to provide a list of “safe” snack ideas and she would have that list distributed to teachers and parents of all of the classes. Woofta. Huge relief, right! Well, I can’t help but think this “list” isn’t going to be well received by everyone. I am worried some parents are going to say something like “well, johnny only likes goldfish and he won’t eat ritz crackers,” and it feels so uncomfortable to have to tell other parents, that I don’t know, that they CAN’T bring in their childs favorite snack.

I might be over thinking this but I am wondering if anyone has any great advice on how to kindly tell other parents in our class about Bo’s allergies and about what can or can’t come in the classroom. It’s such an awkward situation when I don’t even know these people.

Here’s to hoping I am way over analyzing the situation and it will all be just fine!


just getting started.

I’m going to start blogging about our life with an almost two year old who has severe food allergies. Keeping bo safe and feeding him is a constant challenge and something that has really changed our lives. I feel like there are not enough stories/blogs about families dealing with this similar situation so I have decided that I will try to document what is working for us in our lives, what is not, and hopefully this can be a place where anyone dealing with the same thing (or even not) can share their thoughts or suggestions because we are ALWAYS looking for ideas on how best to cope.

My son, Bo, is allergic to DAIRY, EGG and NUTS. We found out about his allergies when he was about 3/4 months old. We have had the most experience with Bo reacting to dairy and have found that allergy to be the most difficult to work around. If you would like to know more about our story, Bo’s allergies, or past experiences – please feel free to contact me at

On this blog I will also keep a tab that lists some of the “safe” foods that we use. I am hoping that this will be a good resource for any other families with allergies looking for ideas and also a place for our families and friends to get ideas of what bo CAN actually eat! If you are a family dealing with similar allergies and have other food/snack ideas I would LOVE to hear them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you so much to those of you who accomodate and support us! We know it’s not easy.